Friday, October 1, 2010

Featured in the Miniature Way Magazine

Today the October issue of The Miniature way is published, So I sat down to enjoy the magazine with a cup of coffee ...and they have
featured my miniature work!

And they also published my miniature peeled orange tutorial :) I am happy and very flattered!

Here is a link to the article about me and my
miniature work : The Miniature Way

And a link to my tutorial, making miniature peeled oranges: Tutorial

Here is some photos of my work from the articles:

Mini Hugs,


Ann said...

Holy Canoli! Your oranges are so realistic! It was a great article, nice getting to know more about the artist ;-)

Unknown said...

¡Enhorabuena! Es un articulo muy completo. Me ha encantado leerlo.
El tutorial de las naranjas está perfecto explicado. Muchas gracias por compartir tus experiencias.
Besos Clara

Hanna said...

Thanks Clara, you are so kind. I am glad you enjoyed reading the article and the tutorial! ~Hugs

Hanna said...

Ann, It makes me happy to hear you liked the article and thanks for compliment on the oranges, the where so fun to make. ~Hugs

Little Things By Anna... said...

Your work is outstanding! I just found your blog and I have really enjoyed looking at all of your miniatures.