Monday, May 28, 2012

More chocolate luxury

Here is more luxury chocolate truffles, to bad you cant eat them ... :) Now I feel for chocolate!

They are made in polymer clay in 1:12 scale as most of my creation are and they are available for sale at:

Mini hugs , Hanna

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Luxury chocolate truffles

I simply love chocolate.. well I love almost everything sweet but especially chocolate! It is a wonder that I am not fat ;) ... guess I am very lucky! These took a long time to make and half way through I was starting to wonder what I was doing ;)  ! I also made a smaller pyramid of chocolate truffles that I displayed on a beautiful  little silver stand, but I haven´t photographed it yet... I hope I will have time to do that in this week!

I have more pictures in my Etsy shop:

There haven´t been much time left for making miniature since my lovely daughter was born! The time simply isn't enough ;).. when she is asleep there is so much to do, and often one want to sleep when she does! Well it will get easier when she gets older! Right now I simply want to enjoy the time with her, she is growing older for each day, today she is 3 and a half month old and a little charmer! Here she is, my little Nova when we where taking a walk in the forest a warm spring day.

 Have a lovely day!