Friday, February 18, 2011

Golden butter bundt cake & cherries ~ Gyllene sockerkaka & körsbär

This is the latest of my miniature creations, a golden butter bundt cake filled with cherries and a tiny chocolate heart. It was so fun to make and I think I got the color right which makes a world of difference in miniature food. I also make a few servings, have a bite!

One thing is a bit tricky though... to take the photos in the right light so that they wont get overexposed. When I got more time I am thinking of building a light box and experiment a bit more with my photographs.

det här är min senaste miniatyr, en gyllene
sockerka fylld med körsbär och ett chokladhjärta. Det var roligt att göra den och jag
tror jag fick till färgen rätt, vilken gör en enorm
skillnad för miniatyr mat.

Sedan gjorde jag även
några upplagda skivor av sockerkakan, have a bite :)

I would like to welcome all my latest new blog reader and I hope you all will have a nice weekend!


Sen vill jag hälsa alla nya blog läsare här välkomna!
Ha en bra helg allihop!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine´s day chocolates and one year older!

This weekend I got time to finish these Valentine´s day chocolates and boxes. To be my firsts I like the result and the chocolates where so fun to make!
Now I really feel for some real chocolate :) Luckily for me I have a really good metabolism and never gets heavier even if I love sweets!

The last two day´s my sister and her lovely kids
have visited me to celebrate my birthday! We have had a lot of fun and even got time to visit a museum here in Gothenburg (with thousands of stuffed animals) , the kids was so excited and ran around looking at everything. Then we made a tasty vanilla sponge cake with raspberries and whipped cream! A very nice birthday indeed!