Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Tennyson

I remembered that I promised to show my Tennyson doll house, so here is some pictures! I have built the fist and second floor here and painted the window trims for the inside walls.

And here my Tennyson starts to look like a house. I am thinking of using a withe color for the walls and lavender lilac and light blue for the trims and porch. I am also going to give the house a dark grey stone foundation and grey tiles to the roof. Theres a lot to to and sometimes I wish I had a couple of weeks free from studies to only work on my Tennyson and on new miniatures!

Last but not least I missed to show you guys my little gingerbread house for Christmas. It is all made in polymer clay and the tiny non-stops (a Swedish brand like m & m's) took a while to make :)

Right now I am also working on some valentine miniature sweets which makes my mouth watering (: I will show them in my next post here.

Have a nice weekend and take care!