Saturday, July 30, 2011

A sneak peak at my Tennyson dollhouse

These last months I have been working a lot so I haven't had time to update my blog, but here comes a sneak peak at my ongoing project, the Tennyson dollhouse.

I have made roof shingles from egg carton and glued them to my porch roof, I then used different shades och gray when I painted them. Now I "only" have to make roof shingles for the rest of the house roof.... I will need a lot of egg cartons ..So there will be a lot of omelets ;)

I think that the miniatures are the most fun to do so I started to do them even though there is much left to do on the building's exterior. Here is a tiny birdhouse made in clay (my favorite medium) which I then painted and aged. Then I also made the religieuse pastries, which was fun to make. The white flowers are made by Michelle in Greece, they are so beautiful! I only painted the pot so it would fit in my color theme.

In a few days I will have more photos to post here!

I also want to welcome all new blog followers, hope you will enjoy your visits to my blog!

Have a nice weekend, Hanna


Karin Schikorr said...

you have a beautiful blog! and the tiny things you do are great! I wish I could sit there and have a coffee with thouse little pastries!

Unknown said...

Taket på huset ditt er så fint!!! Lykke til med resten av taket, tenker du har spist egg i dag :)

Hanna said...

Thanks Karin! There will be much more on my porch further along!

Tack Mona, ja det har blivit mycket ägg den senaste tiden (:

Lucas Kain said...

Once more, an amazing miniature. :) But, then again, unlike Karin, I would like to have them preserved in glass cages. Forever!

call Nepal

Hanna said...

:) Thanks Jimmy!

Tommy said...

Wow, du är verkligen sjukt imponerande! Jag skulle aldrig klara av att göra något av vad du lyckas pilla ihop :D
Jag ska tipsa min sambo om din blogg, hon älskar miniatyrer ^^
Jag vill också berätta att jag är med och tävlar om ett mineralsmink-kit hos Helen på (check her out!) åt min underbara sambo!

Hanna said...

Tack Tommy, jag tycker det är väldigt roligt och rogivande.. vilket nog gör en hel del för resultatet :)

Margaret said...

The egg carton roof tiles look great, I have never tried it. I think you will be eating a lot of omelettes, maybe egg flips too. I love your mini food too!

Malin said...

Otroligt duktig du är. Mycket inspirerande, håller själv på med att fixa mitt dockhus. Din blogg blir helt klart en ny favorit :)

Plushpussycat said...

What amazing work you do! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-)