Monday, May 10, 2010

A peak at my workspace

Here is my workspace! So now you now where all minatures are made (; I have got the half kitchen table! It is not a big problem, me and my husband often eat in the living room (: he don't mind since the miniatures makes me so happy and peaceful (:

I bought the organizer a while ago at a hardware chain. When I saw it at the shelve, I knew immediately that it would be perfect for my clay, tools and miniatures! It was the last one they had so I was really happy when I got it, It have solved a lot of problems and saved space for the kitchen table!

I also share my work space .... with my cat, Tiger! If he fails to take the chair before me in the morning, he always lies on my lap while I am sculpturing and he is so cute I cant lift him down!

Don´t you think he looks like he is surfing the internet :) ?

I also want to welcome all new blog readers, happy to have you here!!



synnøve said...

It looks very nice and tidy!!! The organizer is a very good idea ;D
The cat is so cute!!!!!
Synnøve :)

Hanna said...

Thanks, it isn´t always this tidy though (; ! Yes the organizer is really perfect!