Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flowery Wonky cake

I think wonky cakes are so wonderful, and not very common in Sweden! Here is a miniature flowery Wonky cake I made. The tiny flowers took ages to make... I don´t have any mini cookie cutters so they all are sculpted painfully individually (: But I like the result and wouldn't mind having this cake for my birthday in real size!

This miniature wonky cake is available in my CDHM-gallery:

My gallery


Ann said...

Your wonky cake looks great! I don't see many of these kind of cakes in miniatures. It reminds me of the cakes from the show 'Ace of Cakes' that is shown in the US. Great job!

Hanna said...

Thanks Ann :). I thought it was very fun to create since there are no boundaries in how they can look!

Knotty By Nature said...

Love the wonky cake! The colors are great and you did a beautiful job on the flowers.

Hanna said...

Thanks Knotty :) !