Thursday, June 24, 2010

Banana cream cake in the making

Here is a banana cream cake in the making!
I made the old fashioned bowl to and I think it turned out well to be one of my first.

For me this kind of cake brings back memories of my
childhood birthdays.

My mum used to make either banana cream cake or strawberry cream cake :)

Do you have any special cakes or pastries which brings back your Childhood?
All the best


Karin said...

It looks fantastic, I am getting hungry!!

Lena said...

Den ser fantastisk ut och bananen är helt otroligt realistisk.
Trevlig midsommar / Lena!

Hanna said...

Tack lena och Glad Midsommar, nu får vi hoppas att det inte regnar för mycket ;)!

Thanks Karin, I feel for cake to :)