Monday, March 1, 2010

Going bananas ^^

Here comes my latest miniatures, lately there have been a lot of bananas, which now is on their way to the other side of the world! Bananas has actually grown on me since I started making them in miniature, possibly as a result of all up close studying of them. I didnt really like them before but now I do, they are so creamy and has such a neat texture inside ^^ ! I also made the cutting board to look like marble, I made it by mixing different shades of gray ant putting the clay stripes together and then pulling and flattening the clay several times, I think the result is pretty OK for one of the first.

I have also made more breads, here is an basket with assorted breads. I am enjoying to work with the texture and color in them, there will definitely be more bread baking here! I am thinking about some corn breads and hole grain breads..

I am also working on two white chocolate cakes, one with easter theme and one romantic with red roses, now if there where only more time .. :)


I would also like to thank Linda for her kind compliments about my miniatures and the blog adward she gave me!

Linda is a incredible talented miniature artist, she was honored with the fellow membership in IGMA november 2009, take a look at her blog at


And I would also like to welcome all new blog readers, thanks for taking a peak here!

Take care


Oiseau deNim said...

The bread and banana look realistic.
It's made of polymer clay too?
Fantastic! I will be patient waiting your next creations, Hanna!
I like Linda too!!!(((Linda)))

Daisy said...

Wonderful woks!!!

Lena said...

Hej Hanna!

Som vanligt helt fantstiska frukter!Du är verkligen duktig, brödet är också så realistiskt....


Anthoula said...

I have to say it's the best miniature banana I've seen!
Great work!

Hanna said...

Thanks for everyones kind compliments, I really appreciate them!

Oiseau - yes they are all made in polymer clay! Patience is great, (: I got thousands ideas of what to make next and I often end up working on them all at the same time (:

Anthoula - Thanks a lot! I have somehow missed your blog, but I found it now. And I must say that your pies makes my mouth watering, especially your lemon meringue is perfect!

Eva J said...

Hi Hanna
Please don´t go bananas - we want you to
keep on doing more bananas and other goodies

Eva J

Oiseau deNim said...

Coucou Hanna, there is one award waiting for you on my blog. Love, Oiseau

Hanna said...

Haha Eva, I will try :D !

Thanks for the award Oiseau ^^ ! / Mini Hugs

Tiny Delights said...

Beautiful work!!

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Hanna:) How great to see you have a blog:)I love your bananas, oh and oranges too:)

Hanna said...

Thanks Cristel! I am happy you to hear that, you are a favorite artist of mine!

Thanks Ana! I saw your new bread now, and it looks so realistic!!

Eva said...

The bananas are great. your work is awesome!